Waterships is a production tool that solves the water shortage problems faced by Unicef and IOM humanitarian projects as a result of global warming.

Waterships Organization

Providing safe drinking water and supporting reforestation efforts

At Waterships, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and communities in need. Our production tool provides access to safe drinking water in regions where it is scarce, while also supporting reforestation efforts through our jellied water technology. Since our proof of concept in January 2020, we have produced over 1 million liters of mineral water, and our bottling production line has the capacity to produce 100 million liters per year. Join us in making a difference today.

Join us in making a positive impact today

Waterships Organization
Waterships Organization

Greening the desert

  • To make the desert green you need two things
    a hydroextender called SAP, which is gelled water.
    This product is expensive, that’s why NGOs don’t use it.
    It is therefore necessary to provide this product in inflated form to reforestation programs.
  • The local labor force that plants the trees must have access to bottled water.
    In the desert, there is no access to this water, so we have to produce it on board our humanitarian ship.
Waterships Organization
Waterships Organization
Waterships Organization
Waterships Organization


    3 500 PAL 5l by Rotation by week
    1 PAL = 196 Bottles 5l

Waterships Organization


Captain Régis Revilliod, former captain of the Merchant Navy and former president of an engineering company specializing in the off-shore and food industry,

In 2019, he designed an alternative and sustainable production tool to produce quality drinking water exclusively from sea water.

  • WORLD FIRST Odeep One. First vessel to produce and bottle mineral water.

Proof of concept: January 2020. 1 million liters

Waterships Organization
Waterships Organization
Waterships Organization


Waterships Organization

Producing on board a ship is a guarantee of success

  • Environmentally friendly production
  • 100% autonomous and therefore 100% efficient
  • Operational in 12 months
  • Autonomy of financing = viable investment (local investments have certain limits)
  • Ability to transport heavy equipment needed for reforestation, for example
  • Capacity of hosting, potential place of think tank, conferences, meeting for NGOs
Waterships Organization

Humanitarian organizations

detail your need for potable water, suitable for infant feeding (volume/liter per week)

Environmental organizations

detail your need for jellied water for your reforestation programs (volume/m3 per week)

Water Ships

Once the water needs have been quantified, Water Ships Association will be able to finalize the implementation of solutions to meet them.

Waterships Organization